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Frequently Asked Questions

About Antler Farms®

  1. Who is Antler Farms®?

    Antler Farms® is a producer of the high quality, natural dietary supplements for sports, health and fitness, made in New Zealand.

  2. Why does Antler Farms® specialize in products from New Zealand?

    New Zealand is a pure source - a pristine land with rich soil, lush greenery, a temperate climate and one of the cleanest environments on earth makes it the ideal destination for organic farming and agriculture. New Zealand's strict regulations prohibiting the use of artificial chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances, and high standards surrounding the production and processing of food products has created the ultimate origin for health and nutrition supplements.

  3. How does Antler Farms® develop its products?

    We only manufacture products that are: 1) proven to be safe and natural, 2) recommended for daily use, 3) especially well suited for sourcing or manufacturing in New Zealand, and 4) key to building a strong nutritional and performance based foundation to restore, maintain and promote a fit and healthy body.

  4. What is the company's ethos?

    We strive for transparency, providing our customers with as much information as possible on our sources, our processes and ingredients so they can take our products with absolute confidence. We never cut corners when it comes to delivering the highest quality products. Our guiding principle is that we would never sell a product that is not the absolute best in its field.

  5. I have questions about my order.

    Please visit our help page for answers.

  6. Do you ship internationally?

    We ship to the United States and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and countries within Asia (Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand). We do not ship to the United Kingdom, Australia or other countries in Europe due to customs regulations that block the shipment of our products to customers. We are exploring distribution in Europe and Australia by local companies.

Deer Antler Velvet and Deer Antler Velvet Extract

  1. What is deer antler velvet?

    Deer antler velvet is deer antler while in its growth stage. The term "velvet" comes from a velvet-like covering that appears on antlers during the growth stage. Deer antler is the only mammalian tissue that is shed and regrown each year.

  2. What is in deer antler velvet?

    Deer antler velvet is quite special. Deer antler velvet is a unique superfood that contains the most concentrated source of widely-diversified nutritional substances every found in the plant or animal kingdom. It made up of nearly 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients. Generally, deer antler velvet is made up of proteins, minerals, lipids and water. It contains 13 growth factors, 21 amino acids, 20 glycosaminoglycans and many minerals and trace elements.

  3. How does deer antler velvet work?

    Deer antler velvet is considered to be a natural adaptogen, restoring homeostasis to an unbalanced body by helping where it is needed. Deer antler velvet has an effect on many systems of the body given its complex chemical composition. The active ingredients in deer antler velvet are mostly precursors that are required by the body to process substances that maintain its health and wellbeing.

  4. What improvements can I expect?

    Studies suggest that deer antler velvet may have beneficial effects related to: increases in muscular development, strength and endurance; improved recovery; prevention and reduction of inflammation; improvement of sexual health; reduction in blood pressure; improvement in bone and joint health; stimulation of the immune system; and more.

  5. Are there studies that support the benefits of deer antler velvet?

    Modern scientific studies support the benefits of deer antler velvet. Decades of research have been carried out in New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Korea, China and Australia. Almost 250 papers have been published since 1930 on the effects of deer antler velvet. This research has given credibility to deer antler velvet’s usage as an everyday health supplement.

  6. Who uses deer antler velvet?

    Our clientele is made up of a diverse group of people. Nearly everyone can benefit from deer antler velvet due to its broad range of benefits. We are proud to have consistent referrals from knowledgeable professionals, including physicians, naturopath doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, military officers and soldiers, fitness trainers, coaches and athletes. We value every referral, because word of mouth from trusted friends and family members are more powerful than anything we can say for ourselves.

  7. What is the difference between deer antler velvet capsules and deer antler spray/extract?
  8. Our capsules are made of 100% pure deer antler velvet, with minimal processing. In general terms, after deer antler velvet is collected, it is freeze dried, milled into a powder, and encapsulated. The capsules are swallowed and the nutrients are absorbed in the digestive system. In this form, deer antler velvet retains its full spectrum of nearly 400 ingredients in their naturally occurring ratios. Traditional users of deer antler velvet prefer capsules because it is a pure, organic, natural, whole food.

    Our deer antler velvet extract is processed with the intention of maximizing the full growth factor matrix, including IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF and many more. Fresh deer antler velvet is processed using proprietary, confidential methods that purify and increase the growth factor content, far beyond its normal composition. The extract is administered sublingually (under the tongue) and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Competitive and professional athletes prefer deer antler velvet extract due to the performance benefits associated with increasing IGF-1 and other growth factors in the body.

  9. What product should I take? What is the recommended dosage?

    The product and dosage depends on your reason for taking deer antler velvet.

    Deer antler velvet’s efficacy is generally dose dependent which means taking more produces greater results. For general health, 1000 mg daily. For therapeutic effects, 2000 mg daily. For athletic performance, 3000 mg daily. For competitive sports, 2 ml of extract daily (one squeeze of the bulb = 1 ml). For professional sports, 1 tablet daily.

    The capsules may be taken with or without meals.

    Our extracts, taken sublingually, have an absorption rate of 95%- an extremely high bioavailability. The extract liquid should be taken on an empty stomach, twice daily. The bottle should be shaken well before use. Place one dropper (one squeeze of the bulb = 1 ml = about 20 drops) under the tongue and hold in mouth for 90 seconds before swallowing. The extract tablet should also be taken on an empty stomach, one daily. Bite the tablet a few times to break it up, hold the pieces under the tongue and allow to dissolve, then swallow.

    Because our deer antler velvet is more potent than other brands, you will receive greater benefits with Antler Farms' product than taking the same dosage of other manufacturers' products.

  10. How quick can I expect results?

    Response time depends on a number of factors including personal constitution, the health of the individual, and diet. Because of the nature of deer antler velvet as an adaptogen, its specific action on each individual, including the width, depth and speed of the action, will vary. Some people notice immediate results after a few days of use, while others notice results after a course of a few months. Deer antler velvet's effects are gradual, cumulative and develop over time. Therefore, it is important to use our deer antler velvet products on a consistent basis to receive the full benefits.

  11. Is deer antler velvet safe?

    Yes. Deer antler velvet is a 100% natural, whole food. Studies have shown that using deer antler velvet at the recommended doses is nontoxic. Deer antler velvet supplementation has a long history of safe usage, going back thousands of years.

  12. Are deer killed for their deer antler velvet?

    No, deer antler velvet is collected ethically and humanely. Antler removal is done while deer are alive, restrained and under local anesthesia. It is a relatively quick and painless procedure. After the procedure, the deer are released back into the herd. Note that antlered deer pose a danger to the herd and therefore antler removal is required on deer farms, even for farms not producing deer antler velvet.

  13. What is chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer?

    Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a contagious neurological disorder that causes degeneration of the brain, chronic weight loss, loss of bodily functions and death in deer. It is similar to mad cow disease in cattle. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that humans should avoid consuming deer that appear sick with CWD due to possibility of contamination. Deer in the United States, Canada and Europe have all been diagnosed with CWD. However, there has never been a single incident of infection in New Zealand despite extensive testing and monitoring. Antler Farms deer antler velvet comes from healthy New Zealand deer.

  14. Why is Antler Farms deer antler velvet the best deer velvet product?

    There are a lot of deer antler velvet products on the market. Some are good, but most are mediocre. It is hard to tell which is which for the general public. We set out to make the best deer antler velvet products, so every step in our production is geared towards quality. Quality deer antler velvet starts with healthy deer. We raise a robust herd of red deer in New Zealand pasture. We do not purchase from a collective like most companies, so we know exactly what goes into our products. At the height of potency, deer antler velvet is collected. We are selective in what parts we use in our product and we take great care during processing to ensure that the restorative properties of our deer antler velvet are retained and/or increased.

  15. Why are Antler Farms deer antler velvet capsules lighter in color than other company's products?

    We now freeze dry our deer antler velvet rather than using the traditional method of applying heat. This accounts for the difference in color, as freeze drying lightens the color from fresh velvet, while heat drying darkens the color. Freeze drying is far more hygienic (almost zero chance of bacteria and contamination) and preserves the nutrients (heat degrades the nutrients). This is the new standard in processing deer antler velvet.

  16. Why does Antler Farms deer antler velvet cost more than other company's products?

    Our products are a great value for what you receive. When comparing our price to others, note the following differences:

      • New Zealand deer farms have a higher, costlier standard of care and handling of animals than other countries (i.e., China, Korea, Russia, United States, Canada). This higher standard of care means our deer are healthier and produce higher quality velvet.
      • We are very selective in the deer we farm. 80-90% of the red deer population in New Zealand would not meet our standards. Because of our requirements, we could not and would not purchase our velvet from a collective like most companies. We know exactly where our deer velvet came from - our farms.
      • We produce very high quality products that are superior to others. Therefore, our cost is significantly higher. Our techniques are more labor intensive, more time consuming and more expensive than conventional methods. We could make cheaper products, but we choose not to. We produce the world's best deer antler velvet.
      • Our deer antler velvet capsules do not use the cheap base and bottom segments (most competitors do). Our capsules are 500 mg (most competitor capsules are 250 mg). Our bottles have 180 capsules (most competitor bottles have 60 capsules). On a dollars per gram basis, our product is very competitively priced.
      • Our deer antler velvet extract has a 75:1 extract ratio, an extremely high concentration (most competitors sell deer antler spray with far lower ratios). We use 75 parts fresh, top grade, whole stick deer antler velvet to make just 1 part deer antler velvet extract. The cost of raw materials is reflected in the price of our product.
      • Our deer antler velvet is 100% pure, with no fillers or additives. Competitors put cheap ingredients into their products and claim they "boost" their product. The truth is the added ingredients decreases their cost and makes their products more ineffective.

  17. What is the shelf life of deer antler velvet?

    The shelf life is two years for both our capsules and extract. The bottle should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

  1. What is whey protein?

    In its original form, whey is a mixture of water, protein, fat, carbohydrates and lactose. It is processed to remove excess fat, lactose and carbohydrates to create whey protein concentrate, which is approximately 80% protein. Further steps are required to remove more fat, lactose and carbohydrates to create whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate has the highest biological value, the highest concentration of protein and is the most rapidly absorbed.

  2. Why is grass fed whey protein isolate better than other whey protein isolates?

    It is well known that dairy products sourced from grass fed cows are significantly higher in nutritional value than grain fed cows. Studies show that cows fed high-grain diets have a higher incidence of metabolic disorders than grass fed cows.This is caused by the build-up of toxic, inflammatory and unnatural compounds in the cow’s rumen.

  3. How is Antler Farms® Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate processed?

    Our protein is cold processed to preserve the biological nature of protein using a technologically advanced ion exchange and ultra-filtration technique. Unlike traditional methods of ion exchange, our state of the art processing does not use heat, chemicals or acid.

  4. Why is New Zealand whey protein isolate considered the best in the world?

    New Zealand is the most advanced dairy producer in the world, operating under strict guidelines for the husbandry and general care of its livestock. The use of rBGH is completely banned in New Zealand. In fact, all dairy products from New Zealand are legally required to be free of hormones. No antibiotics, hyper-immunizations, or any other types of chemicals are used to raise our cows.

  5. What makes Antler Farms® Grass Fed Whey Protein Isoalte a clean protein?

    Our whey protein isolate uses only the best source of protein and other all natural ingredients: whey protein isolate, organic vanilla, organic stevia leaf extract and sunflower lecithin. There are absolutely no fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It is free of growth hormones, antibiotics and chemical residue. It is gluten free and soy free, and screened for biological impurities such as E.coli, yeast, mold and salmonella.

  6. What is the recommended dosage?

    The recommended dosage is 1 scoop per serving, 1-2 servings per day.

  7. What is the shelf life?

    The shelf life is two years. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, and refrigerated after opening.

Organic Wheat Grass

  1. What is wheat grass?

    Wheat grass is a nutrient-rich type of young grass in the wheat family.

  2. What is the composition of wheat grass?

    Wheat grass has many nutrients including chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. These therapeutic and nutritional properties make wheat grass a powerful dietary supplement.

  3. What are the benefits of wheat grass?

    Chlorophyll aids cellular growth and repair, eliminates harmful toxins from the body, oxygenates blood, and cleanses, purifies, and heals most areas of the body. Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy function of our body's systems. Enzymes speed up the rate at which metabolic processes and reactions occur. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which build, maintain and repair muscle fibers. Wheat grass is naturally alkaline and helps restore pH balance for proper health.

  4. How is Antler Farms® Organic Wheat Grass grown and harvested?

    Our wheat grass is grown in the rich, fertile soil of New Zealand’s Canterbury Plains without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Our wheat grass is harvested when the nutrients reach their peak concentrations.

  5. What makes New Zealand a superior place to farm wheat grass?

    New Zealand has a pollution free environment, an temperate climate, and fertile soil that is ideal for growing the highest quality wheat grass.

  6. How is Antler Farms® Organic Wheat Grass processed?
  7. Once harvested, our wheat grass is dehydrated at a low temperature that preserves nutrients and enzymes (our wheat grass powder is a raw food). As soon as the wheat grass comes out of the dehydrator, it is milled into a powder, and packed for shipping..

  8. Isn't fresh wheat grass better than wheat grass powder?

    Most fresh wheat grass that is on the market at local juice shops are made from tray grown wheat grass. Tray grown wheat grass is nutritionally inferior to outdoor wheat grass because it does not have time to develop a significant root system and thus, does not absorb many nutrients. Furthermore, tray grown wheat grass juice is 95% water. The chlorophyll content from our organic wheat grass powder is 4 times higher per serving than tray grown wheat grass juice.

  9. Is Antler Farms® Organic Wheat Grass gluten free?

    Yes, it is gluten free. It is also certified organic, raw, vegan and GMO free.

  10. What is the recommended dosage?

    The recommended dosage is 4-6 grams per day.

  11. What is the shelf life of wheat grass?

    The shelf life is two years. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, and refrigerated after opening.

Organic Greeens

  1. What ingredients comprise Antler Farms® Organic Greens?

    Antler Farms® Organic Greens is a powerful blend of nature's top four green superfoods. It contains a perfectly proportioned organic blend of world's most nutrient dense superfoods: barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina.

  2. Why does your green superfood powder have four ingredients who other powders contain many more?

    Most popular green superfood blends on the market are ineffective because they provide insufficient quantities of each ingredient to promote health and well being supplement. When taken in trace amounts, even nutrient-dense superfoods will provide little to no impact on your body. At Antler Farms® we have chosen to create our Organic Greens with only the world's top four green superfoods - and nothing more. This uncommon, disciplined approach enables us to incorporate 100% pure, certified organic ingredients in ample quantities and substantial doses that are required for optimal benefits and effectiveness

  3. What are the benefits of Organic Greens?

    Organic Greens is a nutritional powerhouse that delivers an abundance of alkalizing greens, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients, essential and non-essential amino acids, protein, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. Chlorophyll and antioxidants detoxify the body. The microalgae bind with toxins and flush them from the body. Chlorella Growth Factor heals the body by repairing damaged genetic material. All of these ingredients neutralize excess acidity in the body.

  4. How is Antler Farms® Organic Greens grown and harvested?

    Our barley grass and wheat grass are grown outdoors in natural sunlight and with fresh water in the fertile soils of New Zealand's Canterbury Plains, while our premium chlorella and spirulina are cultivated in crystal clear mineral water, free from environmental pollution. Antler Farms® Organic Greens is certified organic. No herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the farming of our grasses or microalgae.

  5. How is Antler Farms® Organic Greens processed?
  6. Our nutritional grasses are processed within an hour of harvest. They are dehydrated at a low temperature that preserves nutrients and enzymes. Our spirulina is rinsed with freshwater and spray dried without the use of heat or irradiation. Our chlorella's cell walls are cracked with pressure, which is necessary for human digestion.

  7. Is Antler Farms® Organic Greens gluten free?

    Yes, it is gluten free. It is also certified organic, vegan, soy free, dairy free and GMO free.

  8. What is the recommended dosage?

    The recommended dosage is 4-6 grams per day.

  9. What is the shelf life of Organic Greens?

    The shelf life is two years. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, and refrigerated after opening.